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VIP PowerNet Browser  v.2.0

VIP PowerNet Browser 2.0 is a professional and smart browser enhancing tool which can keep multiple Web sites open at once. Included in the browser is an integrated download manager which allows you to stop and resume downloads at anytime. Instead of

CashFlow  v.1.0

Financial software which helps your plan and track your monthly budget. Includes budget forecasting, bank data import from CSV, payment profiles, and multiple budget scenarios.

PSToolbar  v.1.0

PSToolbar is a free open source utility for PeopleSoft which enables you to save favorites across multiple environments and open pages.This toolbar is compatible with IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 1 and Firefox 2.

Vtier  v.1.0

vTier is an open appliance designed to ease the administrative overhead of managing multiple hypervisors. Using open tools like libvirt along with vendor APIs vTier creates a single console to control KVM, Xen, ESX, HyperV, LDOM, VPAR, and others.

File Renamer  v.

Rename all your files and folders, with a lot more options. You can batch rename files, extensions, add or remove strings, numerate filenames, replace strings, and more.. Suports Drag and Drop and has 'undo' function.

Adobe Photoshop Update  v.9.0.2

The Adobe Photoshop 9.0.2 Update offers you an utility that helps you fix a number of problems discovered after Photoshop 9.0 was released.Major Features:File browser performance enhancements,No more shifting of the color of white areas in CMYK files

Twenty-Four Mountains for Mac OS  v.1.4.9

Generates a map of the dynamic energies that are present in your clients space using classical Compass School Feng Shui techniques. This meta map is clearly laid out over the imported floor plan and with the ability to remove or add any layer of the

SSHManage  v.0.2.2

This Desklet manages SSH Connection.

Open Command Prompt Shell Extension  v.2.0.0

The Open Command Prompt Shell Extension integrates into your contextual menu to so you can open a command prompt window fast and easy.

Multiple Find And Replace  v.1

Multiple Find And Replace 1 is one of the most comprehensive, user friendly and fast solutions to find and replace batches of files. You don't have to open all of your files and apply the find&replace operation one by one. Also, the program includes

Likewise Open for Mac OS  v.6.0

A free, open source application that joins Mac OS X machines to Microsoft Active Directory and securely authenticates users with their domain credentials. Key Features: - Joins Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX systems to Active Directory domains in a

Essential Budget  v.0.8.3

Essential Budget is a graphical personal finance manager designed for efficiently tracking home finances. It is currently the only open-source personal finance manager to implement mature budgeting support. Cross-platform using Java and Eclipse's

GO Gestionale Open - Open Source ERP  v.700

GO Gestionale Open (GO Open ERP in english) is a completely free and open source ERP with more than 2000 installations in Italy. The program has an intuitive graphical interface and can manage multiple users and multiple enterprises. Companies can

Open Port Mapper  v.1.0.6

This is an open source port mapper written in java nio no-blocking socket model. Open Port Mapper allows multiple ports mappings, and it provides the functionality of specifying allow list and deny

Open Workbench Booster  v.1.0

[EN & FR] When using the xml mode in Open Workbench (necessary for the ANPE) these XSLT scripts allow automatic syncronisation between plans and custom real-time HTML reports on tasks. Ces scripts permettent la synchronisation de plannings et tats

POLE - The PHP Open Layout Engine  v.1.0

The PHP open layout engine (POLE) is a DB enabled layout engine that provides fine grained security, the ability to operate aacross multiple heads across the internet. Please see the intro to pole doc in the doc manager for more info.

Open Whiteboard  v.1.0

Open Whiteboard is an application for interactive Whiteboards. It aimes to be a free alternative to Smart Notebook For those who don't have a Smart interactive whiteboard or tablet but want to be able to use lessons/-plans saved in the notebook ...

Open Battlefield: Plan and execute  v.1.0

Open Battlefield: Plan and execute is a FPS game with a strategic flavor based on teamwork with vehicles, large maps and based on ideas from tribes of Dynamix and Battlefield, it will have multiple game modes and compatibility with pixel shaders.

OPAPI: Open Physics API  v.1.0

Open Physics API, a Physics Abstraction Layer with C interface. Common interface for use multiple physics engines like Havok, Bullet, Newton, ODE etc.

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